Monday, July 16, 2007

Summer's Half Over!

My summer:

Lost seven pounds in less than two months by just changing my thyroid meds.

Spent one week in Canada with my wonderful husband...alone. Eating crepes, gelato, chocolate bread, full fat lattes, maple bread, etc....and STILL lost seven pounds.

Nutrisystem...Bite me.

Came home from Canada to find that my mother had potty trained my son.

Camp Grandma is a good idea should my mom decide to go into biz for herself.

Went camping at the Dunes over Fourth of July.

Here's a little PSA for you: Expired Sunscreen does not work.

I am a big fat hypocrite of an esthetician. Ask my peeling back.

Another vacation later this month.

Summer of '07 has rocked.

See you this fall, eh?