Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Dear Boychild:

Allow me to take this moment to remind you that you *just* turned six months old. I have come to terms that you have been crawling across the room for a few weeks now. I had a hard time with it, but I think I can deal. But I want you to know that it is totally unacceptable that you are now greeting me when I come get you from naps, STANDING UP IN YOUR CRIB. You cannot, I repeat, cannot grow this fast.

Everyone keeps commenting on how great this is, how advanced, yada yada. Is it wrong that I want him to stay tiny and just lay where I put him? The baby gates are still dusty from last go around. The dog just got used to eating her food in peace.

My last baby. Sigh.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Ok, now I can.

Post something, that is. I'm over being pissed off. Time to move forward, get active and make changes. All that happy crappy.

But really, Election 2004? So last week. I need to get back my focus and find something traditional to rant about. I'm starting to get more sleep, so I can't bitch about that. Um, I'm still fat? Yeah, I can bitch about that. I'm up 18 pounds from where I was two months ago. How does one DO THAT? I mean, the Halloween candy wasn't even that good this year. No Nerds. Losers in our neighborhood, all of them! No Nerds, not even a paltry Spree in the bunch. Ah well, I'm getting all kinds of blood tests tomorrow to prove it's not because I'm a lazy git, it's because my glands are wonky. Yeah, that's it.

On a side note, however, I must not be atrociously fat. I did get some flirt action with the guy at the Tire Barn this weekend when I went in to buy a new set. Chris the tire guy, how I love thee. All my tire needs will now be taken care of at your haven of petroleum based product stench, the Tire Barn.

What else? Oh, I saw the Incredibles this weekend with girlchild. How great is that movie? Lots of girl power, family values (not the W kind, but instead the non-vomit inducing kind) and funny! Funny funny funny. There was a trailer for the final installment of the Star Wars trilogy. Due out next May. I'm a dork for getting excited. Perhaps our little Anakin can act his way out of a Darth Vader suit, because he surely had trouble with that paper bag in the last film.

And there is my life. I am feeling a oneness with Jabba the Hut, I'm resigned to move forward and make a difference politically instead of just calling Bush a dumbfuck...well, I take it back. I will continue to call him a dumbfuck. And I will continue to hate ribbon stickers. But I will no longer flip the bird at houses with "My Man Mitch" signs in the front yard. How's that for a compromise?

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I just can't

Not today. NOt for awhile. I'm so very dissappointed in our country. The fact that more than half of Americans think that this administration should be INVITED back for another four years. Please, take more of my civil liberties, make more war, fuck my economy and use your stature as a podium for the religious right.

Fucking Gay Republicans.