Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Nutrisystem musings

* Prepackaged food has a lot of preservatives, sodium and generally bad things in it.

* You "moch-late" may only have six grams of fat in a serving. Five of those, however, are saturated fat.

* If you spend $300 on a month's worth of food for just yourself, you really shouldn't have to spend an additional hundred on fruits, veggies, a daily salad, two dairy servings and two lean protiens a day.

Oh, in case you're wondering...I'm off the wagon. I'm tired of being pissed off and hungry. If I lost three dress sizes like the chippies on the commercial, I would suck it up and suffer for it. But I'm still the same size, still the same poundage. But now I'm a pissed off and hungry big girl. I'd rather go back to fat and happy, I think.