Saturday, October 29, 2005

Happy Halloween!!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Great Weekend

My best friend was here all weekend. My best friend who has had the shittiest couple of months a woman can go through. We hung out, watched movies, played with the kids, shopped, and I waxed her brows. ;)

My husband got some well-needed alone time out with friends this weekend.

I visited more salons and got a really good focus for the next month (namely, resumes should be going out before Thanksgiving).

On Friday, I had four appointments. Two were friends, two were new clients. But I got ten bucks in tips, rebooked two appointments, and was asked all kinds of questions, like I was the expert or something. I LOVE that!

Also? I found out that this is coming out next month. With about half of the original Broadway cast, which means it might actually be good. Rent *and* Harry Potter in one month? I better line up the babysitters NOW.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Brazilian

No, it's not another dance instructor.

It's a wax job. A "make it all bare" wax job. It's not something we do at the school on clients, but we are free to do it to each other, so we get some experience at it before getting a job, where apparently waxing coochie is big business.

So we finally had a girl "take one for the team" and go nekkid for the bare-all waxing. Brave, brave girl. I have to say I was cringing, and jumping just a little bit every time they pulled a strip. Um, so was she. I was at the second wax table doing someone's brows and trying *reely* hard not to stare. I mean, who can't look when you hear "ok, take this paper towel and cover up all that female move it over here, hold right here and pull taught". I mean, really. Trying to avert eyes was the hardest thing to do. I mean, she was attempting to hold on to some sort of dignity whilst doing contortions, exposing areas that only her husband was meant to see. Hell, *I* don't even get that good a look at my own junk when shaving in the tub. And here this brave girl was exposing it all for the good of her craft.

I am not going to be that, brave.

I also learned today that more than half of my class shave their nethers completely bald on a regular basis. I mean, they are EIGHTEEN. At eighteen, I was praying for anything to make me look like a woman...breasts, for instance, would have been nice. The last thing I wanted to do was make my self look like pedo-fodder. Now, if you are reading and happen to be one of those bald babes, I am not here to judge. I just don't understand it. I tried to do that once or twice for a bit of sumpin-sumpin in the bedroom. All I got was an itchy, rashy, burning mess for the five days following one day of perfect smoothness. Hamburger, people. It wasn't pretty. From then on, we stay nice and neat and trimmed...I am not all about being a bushwoman, but I gotta say, bare is not my calling.

Plus, I got a glance at the final product today. She looked like a freshly plucked chicken.

No thank you.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Scratch that.

Jill is back. She took the whole week off. Weird. I took one day off and felt a bit guilty.

I'm not sure what the cause for the entire week was, but she was telling a few of the other young'uns about her husband's court date, which was scheduled on their son's birthday in January, and how that pissed her off. Not that he had to go to court, but because those "fuckers down there can't schedule for shit".

Dear lord.

On my own front, things are great. School is awesome. I finally got the hang of waxing as pain free as possible (many apologies to my good friend Ashley for being my first waxing client...come see me again...I'm better now, I promise). I have left 27 messages at spas and salons, asking for an information-gathering interview (also known as: if I interview you and you like me, perhaps you'll like me enough to give me a job in three months). I visited my first one last night, a chi-chi place downtown on the circle. The esthetician I interviewed was GORGEOUS. Like, model gorgeous. I don't think I can work with her, because I hate her just a little bit.

But she was very nice, and regaled me with stories of her first brazilian wax: the woman asked her to do the back, and she thought that meant her lower back (which apparently can grow some serious hair on some women). So she turns to dip the stick in the wax and comes back to a woman on all fours in front of her, ass in the air. In her FACE. Um, hello, butthole, nice to um, see you so close. Here, let me cover you with wax and rip it off.

Whatever. She made more than sixty bucks from it. I'm not above waxing a few asses for some cash. I'm a waxing whore.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

The end of Jill?

Jill was absent every day this week. Supposedly the sick kid again, but I'm thinking it's the fact that she has a 16% overall average score on her tests.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Partying like Rock Stars

That's what my friends and I were doing this weekend. And I'm still a bit hungover, tell true...

Spent two nights in San Antonio Texas with some of my favorite women in the world...some of whom you can click on right down there on the right and read all about their fantastic selves.

I met these women online over the last 8 years, and let me tell you...these mommas know how to shake their stuff!

I really can't share too much (It's sort of a "what happens in SA stays in SA" kinda thing), but I will tell you this much:

There was drinking. Lots of drinking.
There was dancing ON THE BAR at Coyote Ugly.
There was more drinking, but these beers were free, compliments of boys who liked the dancing.
There was an Alamo there somewhere, but I only had time to drive past it...too much to be drank.
They eat a lot of Mexican food in San Antonio. And I heard somewhere that they may even serve some margaritas with that food. But I can't quite remember...
I also kissed a few girls and a cowboy.

My sweet dear husband's response to all of this?

Laugh, shake head, and say "that's my girl".

Oh, and did I mention there was drinking?